Sinds 2019 geef ik les in Nederlands als tweede taal (Level A0-C1). Ik doe dat met veel plezier en enthousiasme. van 2021 tot 2023 werkte ik als gastlector voor de vakgroep Nederlands aan de Universiteit van Boekarest. Daar gaf ik in alle jaren van de bacheloropleiding (1 t/m 3) Nederlandse taalverwerving, naoorlogse literatuur, Nederlandkunde, geschiedenis en vertalen (RO-NL). Ik heb veel geleerd over het lesgeven aan grote groepen (±30 man) en over het combineren van inhoudelijke stof (literatuur, geschiedenis) met NT2-onderwijs.

Sinds voor mijn aanstelling in Boekarest werk ik ook veel bij TaalBoost, de leukste taalschool van Amsterdam. Daar geef ik groepscursussen (variërend van vier tot vijftien cursisten en zowel in een klaslokaal als online), in-company en privélessen (zowel online als in het echt).

Ik heb met veel methodes gewerkt (Contact! 1&2, Nederlands in gang, Nederlands in actie, Nederlands op niveau en Nederlands tot perfectie, De regels van het Nederlands, Zichtbaar Nederlands). Ook heb ik sinds de coronacrisis veel ervaring opgedaan met het bedenken en creëren van eigen (online) oefeningen (daarvoor gebruik ik Learnclick, Wordwall, GoogleJamboards, GoogleDocs en Powerpoint).

Ik vind het belangrijk om echte teksten en materialen (uit kranten, korte verhalen, posters, liedjes, reclames, video’s, etc) te gebruiken in de les. Ik leg veel nadruk op grammatica omdat ik dat zelf leuk vind, maar vind het ook spannend om nieuwe spreekoefeningen te bedenken en uit te proberen.


  • Privéles
  • Duo-les
  • Alle niveau’s, van beginner tot gevorderde (A0-C1)
  • Lessen op maat: in overleg hoeveel uur per week/tweewekelijks
  • Op dit moment alleen online (interactief)
  • Neem contact op voor prijzen & beschikbaarheid
  • Algemene voorwaarden van toepassing

Wil jij ook Nederlands leren? Stuur me een mailtje: charlottevanrooden(@)gmail.com


Since 2019 I’ve been teaching Dutch (Levels A0-C1). I enjoy teaching and do it with a lot of enthusiasm. From 2021-2023 I worked as a guestlector at the Dutch section of the University of Bucharest. Here I taught Dutch language, Dutch postwar literature, Dutch civilization, history and translation (Romanian-Dutch). I have learned a lot about teaching large groups (26-29 students) and about combining more complex texts (on history and literary texts) with teaching Dutch as a second language.

Since before I started working in Bucharest I have been giving group lessons (varying from classes of four up until fourteen students, both inclass and online), in-company classes, and private lessons (both online and IRL).

I’ve worked with multiple methods for Dutch as a second language (Contact! 1&2, Nederlands in gang, Nederlands in actie, Nederlands op niveau and Nederlands tot perfectie, De regels van het Nederlands, Zichtbaar Nederlands). Since the corona crisis I have also been thinking of and creating many (online) excersises (for which I use Learnclick, Wordwall, GoogleJamboards, GoogleDocs and Powerpoint).

I think it’s important to use texts and materials from real life (Dutch newspapers, columns, short stories, posters, commercials, songs, videoclips, etc) in the lessons. I put a lot of emphasis on grammar because I love it, but I also find it exciting to think of new speaking exercises and to experiment with them.


  • Private lessons
  • Duo lessons
  • All levels, from beginner to advanced (A0-C1)
  • Discuss options for how many hours per week/per two weeks
  • At the moment only online classes (interactive)
  • Contact me for prices and availability
  • Terms and conditions apply

Do you want to learn Dutch as well? Send me an email at charlottevanrooden(@)gmail.com

Best teacher I’ve ever had

Charlotte is truly a teacher with a gift for it! Her manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing. She explains everything clearly and even manages to explain grammar visually, which is super helpful for a visual learner like me. She knows exactly how to keep her students engaged, thinks of all the questions that might pop up in our minds, and answers them well in advance. On top of that, her cheerful personality takes the experience to a whole new level.

I learned a lot from every class and had a lot of fun doing it!

  • Elizabet Nikolova

Sensitive to individual needs

I have been lucky enough to have been taught by Charlotte from L1-L7 at Taalboost, both online and in-person.
She has great energy and patience, her teaching is dynamic, and she seems to really love languages and the art of teaching.
Charlotte joyfully shares her knowledge of Dutch language and culture, and also beneficial study tools that she uses in her own language learning.
She invents ways to make our learning more fun, engaging and accessible. Charlotte is sensitive to our individual needs and is interested, open and receptive to our suggestions. (For example, our class shared with her an interest in having a conversation class / more conversational opportunities. Within a short time, Taalboost introduced a ConvoClub with Charlotte at the helm.) I have enjoyed every one of her classes and look forward to continuing my language studies with Charlotte. Charlotte, ik stel al je hulp en geduld enorm op prijs.

  • Jamie Bolio
  • Outstanding language teacher

    Charlotte is an outstanding language teacher. She is extremely good at keeping her students engaged throughout the 3-hours Dutch lessons I attended. Her lessons were always very well structured, with the right balance between not-so-fun grammar and fun exercises and games. When teaching she radiates her passion for the language making it the most attractive thing you could ever learn. She is also very patient and accurate at giving feedback and correcting homework. Learning the complicated language that is Dutch with her has been a pleasure for me!

    • Angela Ferrato

    Super fast feedback

    Charlotte led me through the meanders of the Dutch language from the humble beginnings of me knowing less than the basics up to a solid level 6 (B2) so far. She did it with a lot of empathy for the specific issues one faces when acquiring this language, but above all every interaction with her was a pleasure. In addition, her super fast written homework email feedback gave my skills a more than satisfying boost every time.

    • Thomas Krais

    Fun and productive learning

    Charlotte is the best teacher I’ve ever met. She makes learning Dutch fun and productive.  She always gives detailed feedback and very clear explanations with a lot of examples. I love the exercises she prepares for each time. Thanks to her positive energy, sense of humor and genuine interest in what she is doing, every lesson with her is a great experience (even grammar sounds cool😊).  

    • Julia Shynkarenko

    Charlotte is a fantastic Dutch teacher

    I have been studying with her for most of my time in the Netherlands and my Dutch has improved considerably. Charlotte is a great teacher and very aware of and adaptable to her student’s needs. I genuinely look forward to our lessons, as they are very relaxed and comfortable, just as if practicing with a friend! Charlotte came recommended from a friend and I would definitely recommend her to others. Dankjewel, Charlotte!

    • Calvert Holt

    I have followed 6 Dutch courses with Charlotte, each 10 weeks long. One of the main reasons I kept returning for the next one was Charlotte herself. Her enthusiasm and joy in teaching a foreign language as well as her dedication to making things clear and easy to understand are amazing, especially since learning a new language as an adult can be quite the daunting task. She has a way to make and keep things interesting, to challenge you to go over your boundaries and to play as well as work hard during the process. She puts language learning in a new perspective, never shying away from laughing at the language constructions itself when they are not that logical to comprehend by a foreigner. I would highly recommend Charlotte as a teacher, no matter if you’re a beginner or if you’re already a few steps further and you want to level-up your dutch.

    • Nela Chereja

    Charlotte was a brilliant tutor for our private lessons as a pair, she made learning Dutch very fun and her classes were always super thorough and well prepared! We especially loved her games and songs!

    • Simon and Catherine Turner